Special Major (at least 39 credits)


  • 200-level proficiency in a language (demonstrated by coursework or testing)
  • Linguistics 205 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis
  • Linguistics 207 Language Society and the Individual

Acceptance criteria: Permission of the DUGS from both participating departments. 2.0 GPA; 2.5 GPA in LIN 205 and 207.

Required courses:

Six upper-division courses in a specific language, of which one is the equivalent of Advanced Grammar and Composition, and one focusses on the history or the structure of the language.

Six linguistics courses:

  • Linguistics 205 and Linguistics 207 (6 credits)
  • Linguistics 301Structure of English: Sound System (3 cr)
  • Linguistics 302 Structure of English: Lexicon and Grammar (3 cr)
  • Two upper division courses in linguistics, to be selected in consultation with the advisor. Recommended courses include: Lin. 315 Language in its Social Setting, Lin. 405 Bilingualism, Lin. 421 Language and Culture, Lin. 431 Phonetics, Lin. 465 Sociolinguistics. (6 cr)

One capstone course: senior seminar or independent study (3 cr)

Applying for the major and advising:

The student will consult with Dr. Jeff Good in Linguistics, and the undergraduate advisor for his/her language, and draw up a list of appropriate courses for this major. The student then applies to the Special Majors office (information below), filling out the forms for that office and securing letters of support from the two advisors. The Special Majors office then approves and administers the major; however, Dr. Good and the language advisor remain the student's academic advisors.

Dr. Jeff Good
DUGS, Linguistics Director,
613 Baldy Hall
(716) 645-0126

John Riszko
Special Majors Services
275 Park Hall
(716) 645-6883