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Graduate Linguistics Association

Information about the Graduate Linguistics Association can be found on the Graduate Linguistics Association Home Page.

Financial support

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

The department has a limited number of assistantships, which carry a stipend and a tuition scholarship. Outstanding candidates may be recommended for Presidential Fellowships, which are four-year graduate assistantships with a significantly enhanced stipend and a tuition scholarship. There are also special fellowships for outstanding minority applicants. In addition to the regularly funded departmental graduate assistantships, there may also be research assistantships funded by sponsored research projects in the departments; the amount of funding available in any given year is a function of the number of sponsored projects being carried out by the faculty. For more information on financial support, visit The deadline for applying for admission and for consideration for assistantships or Presidential Fellowships is December 15th.

Language Teaching Assistantships

The Department of Linguistics has special opportunities for full financial support (tuition plus living stipend) for students who are fluent speakers of any of the foreign languages which are offered through our department (primarily Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean) and are interested in teaching language classes. This includes students from two kinds of backgrounds: 1) Students who are native (or near-native) speakers and are interested in advanced training in American-style linguistics. 2) Students from any country who have become fluent in the language through some combination of formal study and immersion experiences. If you have questions about the teaching assistantships, please contact the faculty in charge of each language:

Financial aid

There are a variety of financial aid options available for graduate students at UB. Applicants wishing to apply for student loans, grants, or work-study positions should write to the following office to request application materials:

Office of Financial Aid, University at Buffalo,
232 Capen Hall,
Buffalo, NY 14260

The application deadline for financial aid is April 15th. Early application is strongly recommended.