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Korean Language Program

Korean Temple

North and South Korea have a combined population of 68 million. Most of the people in Korean peninsula are ethnic Koreans, making Korea one of the most homogeneous countries in the world. The Korean language plays an important role in the identity of Korean people. Korean is spoken in both North and South Korea and written in Hangul, a phonetic alphabet created in 1446. South Korea has experienced rapid economic growth and development and is considered an Asian economic powerhouse.

The Korean curriculum provides a solid foundation for   an understanding and appreciation of the rich culture of     Korea. The language and culture courses offered are useful to students who aspire to an East Asia-related academic or professional career in education, government, communications, business, and other fields in the United States and abroad. The curriculum of the Korean program includes:

  • Courses designed to develop or improve competence in written and spoken Korean through the advanced level.
  • Courses on Korean culture (taught in English)
  • Courses for the advanced study of Korean literature
  • Courses for Korean language teaching and Korean linguistics