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Japanese Minor

Requirements for Japanese minor

The minor requires a minimum of 22 credits beyond the prerequisites. The student must maintain an overall average of 2.0 in prerequisites and required courses.

Application should be made when the student has completed the prerequisite courses or during the semester in which they are completed. The student will consult with Dr. Mitsuaki Shimojo in the Japanese Program with a completed application form and a UB HUB unofficial transcript. (Application form in PDF format)

Study abroad in Japan is encouraged to complete the minor. For the purpose of the minor, successful completion of one semester or 6 weeks summer program at a UB exchange univeristy in Japan may be used as two JPN courses and two semesters in Japan as four JPN courses. See the program director before AND after your study abroad to discuss your requirements for minor and proper placement after your return.

Students with advanced Japanese language proficiency should consult with the program director to arrange an appropriate program.

Prerequisite Courses (10 credits)

JPN 101: First Year-First Semester Japanese (5)
JPN 102: First Year-Second Semester Japanese (5)

Required Courses (minimum of 22 credits)

JPN 201: Second Year-First Semester Japanese (4)
JPN 202: Second Year-Second Semester Japanese (4)
JPN 301: Third Year-First Semester Japanese (4)
JPN 302: Third Year-Second Semester Japanese (4)


Two Japan-related or Japanese language courses, such as:
JPN 211: Introduction to Japan (3)
JPN 411: Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3)
JPN 401: Forth Year-First Semester Japanese (3)
JPN 402: Forth Year-Second Semester Japanese (3)

You may include one Japan-related course from another department, such as:
Anthropology 362: People and Culture of Japan (3)
Art History 343: Japanese Buddhist Art (3)
Art History 344: Japanese Painting and Prints (3)
History 289: Pearl Harbor: Japan Goes to War (3)
History 368: Modern Japan Since 1600 (3)
Philosophy 354: Chinese and Japanese Philosophy (3)