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Japanese Major

B.A. in Japanese Studies

For in-depth Japanese studies, a Special Major in Japanese studies can be arranged in consultation with the Japanese Program director and the Special Major Program. A special major in Japanese typically consists of about 45 credit hours in major courses (beyond Japanese 102 or equivalent), which usually include coursework from study abroad.

B.A. in Languages and Linguistics with concentration in Japanese

This is a Special Major crafted for students who are interested in Japanese, particularly its structure and history, and are also interested in language in general, both structurally and as situated in its cultural setting. It is ideal for students who plan to go into foreign service or pursue further training in language teaching and linguistics; it is also appropriate if the student plans to pursue a M.Ed. in TESOL. (It is not designed for students planning to teach foreign languages in American schools, as it does not provide the 30 credit hours in the foreign language required for credentialing.) The major requires a minimum of 39 credits. Study abroad in Japan is highly recommended to complete the major.


Japanese 202 (demonstrated by coursework or testing) Linguistics 205 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis Linguistics 207 Language, Society and the Individual


  • Five 300/400-level courses in Japanese: to be selected from JPN 301, 302, 361, 362, 371, 372, 401, 402, 451, 499; may be taken through the study abroad program (up to 15 credit hours)
  • Seven linguistics courses:
    Linguistics 205 (3 credits)
    Linguistics 207 (3 credits)
    Linguistics 301 Structure of English: Sound System (3 credits)
    Linguistics 302 Structure of English: Lexicon and Grammar (3 credits)
    Two upper division courses in linguistics to be selected in consultation with the advisor. Recommended courses include: LIN 315 Language in its Social Setting, LIN 405 Biligualism, LIN 421 Language and Culture, LIN 431 Phonetics, LIN 465 Sociolinguistics. (6 credits)
    Japanese 411 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (3 credits)
  • Senior Project: Japanese 494 Senior Capstone Course (3 credits)

Applying for the Languages and Linguistics B.A.:
The student will consult with the director of Japanese Program and the director of undergraduate studies in linguistics and draw up a list of appropriate courses for this major. The student then applies to the Special Major Program, filing out the forms for that office and securing letters of support from the two advisors. The Special Majors office then approves and administers the major; however, the two advisors in the Department of Linguistics remain the student’s academic advisors.