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Japanese Major

Linguistics B.A. – Japanese Language and Linguistics Concentration

This concentration offers a unique program which combines studies in linguistics and advanced-
level studies in Japanese and is intended for students who wish to pursue the study of linguistics
as well as achieve advanced-level proficiency and gain linguistic understanding of the
specialization language. Majors in this concentration develop appreciation of general properties
of language and the specialization language and develop competence in linguistic analysis in the
specialization language.

Please visit the UB Undergraduate Catalog for further information about the Linguistics BA –
Japanese Language and Linguistics Concentration
, including courses, acceptance criteria,
requirements, study abroad, and career opportunities.

Special Major in Japanese Studies

For in-depth Japanese language and culture studies, a Special Major in Japanese studies can be
arranged in consultation with the Japanese Program director and the Special Major Program. A
special major in Japanese Studies typically consists of about 45 credit hours in major courses,
which usually include coursework from study abroad.

Please visit the College of Arts & Sciences Special Major website for further information about
Special Major, including descriptions of the program and the application procedure.