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German Language Program

Willkommen Christkindl

Deutsch an der Universität Buffalo          

Spoken by more than 100 million people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and throughout the world, German is a major international language of business, diplomacy, science, and popular culture. Germany is the largest and wealthiest country in the European Union, and the importance of German in Europe continues to grow.

UB’s undergraduate German program is designed to provide students with the solid linguistic skills and cultural knowledge they need to pursue a career in teaching or research or to give them a competitive edge in an increasingly international marketplace.

In addition to our undergraduate German offerings, the Department of Linguistics offers an M.A. in Germanic Linguistics. All applicants for the Department’s graduate programs who have a high level of proficiency in German are eligible to apply for a German Teaching Assistantship. Interested applicants should contact the Director of the German Language Program. (Click on “People” above for contact information.)