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German Major and Minor

Burg Werfen Castle

Deutsch als Hauptfach und Nebenfach

German is a popular and student-friendly major and minor for UB undergraduates, with advanced course offerings in language, culture, linguistics, and literature and a wide range of exciting study-abroad opportunities. Students can easily combine a major in German with a second major in virtually any field. A number of other departments at UB offer courses and concentrations relevant to German Studies. Our Department of History is especially well known in this regard. Students interested in German history, including the possibility of a double major in German and History, will find further information on the homepage of ProfessorĀ Andreas Daum.

If you are thinking about majoring or minoring in German, get in touch with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as early as possible. (Click on “People” above for contact information.)

Further information about the German major and minor, including acceptance criteria, requirements, study abroad, and career opportunities can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.