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About China

China has the world’s oldest continuous living civilization, and its culture has had significant impact on its neighboring countries. Now China is rapidly becoming a major player in world politics, and its economy is expanding fast. China not only is a country that one must deal with politically, economically, and culturally, but it also provides opportunities to the world in business, scholarly research, and many other contexts. Mandarin (or Putonghua) is the official language. Chinese literature is a rich reservoir of Chinese culture and is the major source for the understanding of the cultural, social, political, philosophical, and aesthetic aspects of this nation. Chinese Word Processor & Communicator

The NJStar Chinese word processor is not only suitable for users of all language levels, but is also an ideal tool for Chinese learning and teaching. The NJStar Communicator reads and writes CJK characters in normal English programs such as web browser, email and Microsoft Word.

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