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Chinese Minor

Chinese Language Students in Class

Acceptance Criteria

CHI201 (with a minimum grade of “C+”) or the equivalent.

Prerequisite is CHI101-102 or equivalent.


Six courses or a minimum of 18 credits are required for the  minor:

  • Of the six courses, at least four must be Chinese language courses above CHI102.
  • One of the two remaining courses must be chosen from CHI280, 311, 322, 341, 342 or 380.
  • The other two courses may be Chinese language courses above the 300 level and/or China-centered or -related courses taught in English above the 200 level in CLC or in other departments.

A student who has advanced Chinese language proficiency or whose mother tongue is Chinese should consult with the CLC minor advisor to arrange an appropriate program.

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in courses that count toward the minor, with no grade in a Chinese language or China-centered or related course lower than “C.”

To apply for the Minor in Chinese, please print and fill out the first page of this form and submit it at 609 Baldy Hall.

Chinese minor advisors:

Mitsuaki Shimojo,

Xuehong Lu,

Study-abroad programs

After completing one year’s worth of Chinese courses, students may choose to further their Chinese studies in China. Presently, the University at Buffalo offers exchange programs with the Capital Normal University and the Beijing Polytechnic University in Beijing, China. Both graduate and undergraduate students can enroll in these universities’ intensive Chinese language programs and earn UB credits. Beginning summer 2005, students may opt to study in China for a full semester or to participate in a six-week summer program. Most participant students find ways and financial support to go back to China for further studies.

For study abroad options, see Study Abroad or contact the Study Abroad Programs Office at (716) 645-3912.