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M.S. in Computational Linguistics

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Linguistics jointly participate in a master’s-level curriculum in Computational Linguistics resulting in a Master’s in Natural Sciences. For any question regarding this curriculum, contact Professor Rui P. Chaves or Professor Rohini Srihari. For application information, click here. If you are currently enrolled in the linguistics PhD program and would like to apply to the M.S. program as well please read this. Applications will be reviewed starting on January 15, and will continue throughout the spring semester. April 1 is the application deadline for U.S. citizens, and March 1st is the application deadline for international students. Note that this program is on the STEM OPT extension list (CIP number 30.1801).

 Advising Faculty in Computational Linguistics

  • Rui P. Chaves, Associate Professor of Linguistics.
  • Brendan T. Johns, Assistant Professor of Communicative Disorders and Sciences.
  • John K. Pate, Assistant Professor of Linguistics.
  • Rohini Shihari, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering.


Twelve courses and a master’s project (36 credit hours). Required courses can be waived if a corresponding course has already been taken. For Information on Computer Science coures, visit the CSE website. The project consist of innovative work, involve a substantial amount of programming, must be coordinated by an Advising Faculty member with expertise in the project’s topic.

Required Linguistics courses

  • LIN 531: Phonetics
  • LIN 515: Syntax 1
  • Advanced Syntax (such as LIN 526: Comparative Syntactic Theories, LIN 552: Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, LIN 535: Syntax 2, or LIN 614: Current Syntactic Theory)
  • LIN 538: Semantics 1
  • LIN 543: Semantics 2

Required Computer Science courses

  • CSE 503: Introduction to Computer Science for non-majors I
  • CSE 504: Introduction to Computer Science for non-majors II
  • CSE 535: Information Retrieval
  • CSE 574: Machine Learning or CSE 596: Introduction of the Theory of Computation
  • LIN/CSE 567: Computational Linguistics
  • LIN/CSE 667: Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics

(to be chosen in agreement with each student’s advisor; other classes may be taken with approval of the Director of Graduate Studies in the concentration for Computational Linguistics, Professor Rui P. Chaves)

  • Statistics (such as LIN 623: Quantitative Methods in Linguistics, PSC 508: Basic Statistics for Social Sciences, or COM 504: Quantitative Foundations of Communication)
  • CSE 505: Fundamentals of Programming Languages
  • CSE 531: Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE 555: Introduction to pattern recognition
  • CSE 563: Knowledge Representation
  • CDS 687: Disorders of Memory
  • CSE 566: Topics in visualization
  • CSE 573: Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • CSE 574: Machine Learning
  • CSE 596: Introduction to the Theory of Computation
  • CSE 601: Data mining and bioinformatics
  • CSE 635: Advanced Information Retrieval
  • CSE 674: Advanced Machine Learning
  • LIN 504: Discourse pragmatics
  • LIN 514: Corpus Linguistics
  • LIN 552: Head-driven Phrase-Structure Grammar
  • PSY 642: Psycholinguistics