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Rui P. Chaves

Rui Chaves Rui P. Chaves (
Associate Professor
Office: 604 Baldy Hall
Phone: (716) 645-0133

Ph.D. University of Lisbon, Portugal

Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Constraint-Based Grammar, Long-Distance Dependencies, Coordination, Experimental Syntax, and Grammar Implementation

Recent Publications:

Chaves, R. P. (forthcoming) “Freezing as a probabilistic phenomenon”. In Jutta Hartmann, Marion Knecht, Andreas Konietzko and Susanne Winkler (eds.), Freezing – Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Domains, Studies in Generative Grammar series, DeGruyter.

Chaves, R. P. (2014) “On the disunity of Right-Node Raising phenomena: extraposition, ellipsis, and deletion”, Language, 90(4), 834–886.

Chaves, R. P. and J. E. Dery. (2014) “Which subject islands will the acceptability of improve with repeated exposure?” In R. E. Santana-LaBarge (edt), 31st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, pp. 96–106. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project.

Chaves, R. P. (2014) “Grammatical alignments and the gradience of lexical categories”. In Philip Hofmeister and Elisabeth Norcliffe (eds.), The Core and the Periphery: data-driven perspectives on syntax inspired by Ivan A. Sag, 167– 220. CSLI Publications.

Chaves, R. P. (2013) “An expectation-based account of subject islands and parasitism”, Journal of Linguistics, 49(2), 285–327.