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Matthew S. Dryer

Matthew S. Dryer Matthew S. Dryer (
Office: 616 Baldy Hall
Phone: (716) 645-0122

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Typology, Syntax, Discourse-Pragmatics, and American Indian Languages (especially Kutenai)

Recent Publications:

Dryer, Matthew S. (2014) “Competing methods for uncovering linguistic diversity: the case of definiteĀ and indefinite articles”. Language (Perspectives Section) 90: e232-e249.

Dryer, Matthew S. (2013) “On the six-way order typology, again”. Studies inĀ Language 37: 267 – 301.

Dryer, Matthew S. (2013) “A Grammatical Description of Kara-Lemakot”. Asia-Pacific Linguistics. Australian National University.

Dryer, Matthew S. (2011) “The evidence for word order correlations: a response to Dunn, Greenhill, Levinson and Gray’s paper in Nature”. Linguistic Typology 15: 335 – 380.