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Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa

Candelas Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa (
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: 627 Baldy Hall
Phone: (716) 645-0116

ABD Ph. D. candidate, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Sociolinguistics, pragmatics, legal and institutional discourse, corpus linguistics, variation, discourse analysis

Recent Publications:

Candelas de la Ossa, Abigaël (2016) “Talk, listen, think”: Discourses of agency and unintentional violence in consent guidance for gay, bisexual, and trans men. Discourse & Society 27(4): 365-382.

Candelas de la Ossa, Abigaël and Meyerhoff, Miriam (2016) “Review: Paul Baker, Using Corpora to Analyze Gender”, London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014, 228pp, USD42.95/GBP24.99 (pbk)”. Discourse Studies 18(1): 109-111.